noun combine (two or more images) to make a single picture, especially electronically.

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  • Compositing — (englisch für Zusammensetzung, Mischung) ist ein Begriff aus der Video und Filmtechnik und findet in der Postproduktion eines Filmes als visueller Effekt Anwendung. Im Compositing werden zwei oder mehr voneinander getrennt aufgenommene oder… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Compositing — This article is about visual effects. For the process of combining several democratic motions, see compositing (democracy). For the technique of compositing typeset by hand, see typesetting. For compositing in graphic design and still photography …   Wikipedia

  • Compositing — Le compositing (en français, la « composition ») est un ensemble de méthodes numériques consistant à mélanger plusieurs sources d’images pour en faire un plan unique qui sera intégré dans le montage. Pour un film d animation, il s agit… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • compositing — noun construction of a composite image by combining multiple images and/or other elements. Compositing is used extensively in modern film and television (Wikipedia) …   Wiktionary

  • Compositing — VP Combining several images together, sometimes using layering, to create a single scene. Chroma key and green screen are examples of compositing. HD The process of layering multiple video clips. Often includes painting, rotoscoping, keying,… …   Audio and video glossary

  • compositing — TV Superimposing multiple layers of video or images. Each layer may move independently. Titles are a simple and common example of compositing …   Audio and video glossary

  • Compositing window manager — Compiz showing the desktop cube effect in Ubuntu. A compositing window manager is a type of window manager. A window manager is software that draws a graphical user interface on a computer display – it positions windows, draws additional elements …   Wikipedia

  • Compositing (democracy) — In deliberative procedure, compositing is the process of combining several motions into one composite motion. The process of compositing motions may be desirable for two reasons. First, it can save the time of an assembly by avoiding presenting… …   Wikipedia

  • Compositing software — A software that is used in Post Production to composit scenes in a film and for adding Motion Graphics, special effects and color correction. Types of Composting Software Layer Based This software uses a Layer based interface for compositing and… …   Wikipedia

  • Digital compositing — is the process of digitally assembling multiple images to make a final image, typically for print, motion pictures or screen display. It is the evolution into the digital realm of optical film compositing. Contents 1 Mathematics 1.1 Algebraic… …   Wikipedia

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